I wondered how can we compare beauty based on “region of belonging” !
According to me, beauty is a viewer dependent variable whose value is set to variate with every other person’s perceptions, views and thoughts.

One may find someone peerlessly beautiful for endless reasons like,

  • How fair is the complexion of the concerned female?
  • How curvy is the body of the concerned female?
  • How great is the figure of the concerned female?


  • How bold is the concerned female?
  • How great is the body structure of the concerned female?

Some may find a girl with fair complexion highly attractive and beautiful, while some may be more into the girls with dusky complexion. For some of the people, beauty might not even be related to the fairness quotient! May be for them beauty is all about the personality and body posture and structure. And, to some of the people even that might not be important. May be they find beauty beneath the skin, i.e. the mind, thoughts and views that the girl possesses.

So, how can anyone hail either Indian or Pakistani girls as the winner of the contest! On what basis are you going to decide? Its utter non-sense to say such a thing that Indian girls are way better. Or even vice-versa. Every single female out there is seamlessly beautiful in one way or the other for someone.

Concluding with a beautiful picture justifying that every lady is beautiful for some person, depending on his perspective. This man finds her beautiful irrespective of all scars and fierce burns on her face. Now, ain’t she gorgeous and beautiful!

Check out on Quora:

Why are Pakistani girls more beautiful than Indian girls?

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