Answer by Jayant Mundhra:

Talking to your enemies doesn’t means showing mercy. It’s all about seeking a peaceful solution to various differences and misunderstandings.

We share a land boundary of about 2900 KMs. So, you have to maintain the status quo!

Else, the sour relations could be disastrous and fatal for both the nations and generally the South Asia.

India’s sour relations with Nepal over the Madhesi agitation is hurting our sentiments and our trade very excruciatingly. Then imagine what a huge and alarming issue it could be if the counterpart was Pakistan and not Nepal!

So, PM Modi or NSA Ajit Doval did nothing wrong by meeting and discussing various issues of national importance with Pakistani NSA Mr. Janjua and his accomplices.

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Before election MODI says that Pakistan is not for mercy but now he is doing same thing? Why?

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