Feminazi : A Feminazi is basically a person who uses the cause of Feminism for ill-jobs based on gender disputes.

These days our nation is witnessing a wave of Feminazis. On the name of feminism, a battle of sexes is being born. These Feminazis have created a mess in the society.

Now, an all new era is rising. An era, where men have to live under the dark shadows of fear and terror of being defamed and refuted by the society. A society where a Female is always a victim and the accused Male is always the culprit. A layer of rust and dust has covered brains of the people so very badly that our society is losing out on being rational and practical.


A lady posts a Guy’s image on Facebook with the text “The following person molested me.” Or “The following person passed shrewd and derogatory comments over me.” And, the next thing you see is that everyone is supporting the female and extending all-round support to her. They simply don’t care about the story of the male counterpart! I mean, What if the lady was simply lying. What if it was all about revenge of some dark past? What if it was just an attempt to defame that guy?

Can you imagine the pain on the part of the male counterpart? His whole life will be destroyed and thrashed apart. His family reputation will simply take a 180 degrees turnover. He might lose his job. And, on the worst note, his whole career will be destroyed.

Recently, such a case was reported in Delhi and the news made it to headlines of all the News Media houses. And the worst part is that, she had already filed an FIR against the guy. So, why did she move on to the social media platform without the law finally comes with an outcome in this case. The police were told about the incident. FIR was filed. Police was supposed to find out if that guy was guilty or not.

But, no! “F**k this system, F**k the police, F**k that bloody guy’s whole damn pathetic life”, she said. And, she totally tore apart not just the life of that one guy. But, the lives of every person in his family.

It’s like dawn of an all new terror. And, unfortunately it’s rising quite fast. So, where do we men go and hit their head now!

Feminism was always supposed to be about equality in every aspect. It was always associated with Empowerment of Women. It was never about superiority among the sexes. And, these feminazis are simply adding fuel to this blazing fire of battle of the sexes.

Not all men rape. And, similarly not all women accuse. But even a few such pathetic people are enough to turn our society a burning hell. So, all the male people out there, please do show some respect, care and manners towards our female counterparts and refrain from ill-acts like rapes and eve-teasing etc. Meanwhile, all the ladies out there, please understand the situation. Society takes you as a priority and supports you blindly whenever you have to face any kind of sex-crimes. But, please don’t use this support to bring down the Male counterparts.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m just writing just to bring up the issue of this rising battle of the sexes. Peace out!

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