When we talk of Feminism, only one thing comes to mind, i.e. “Equal Opportunity for women”. Equal Opportunity to employment and education. Equal opportunity to choose your life partner. Equal opportunity to raise voice against any odds or evils in the society. I don’t think that any learned or educated person would think that “Feminism” is about “Placing women above men on every aspect of life”. Rather, I believe that “Feminism” is about “Placing women and men on the same stage on every aspect of life”.

But, then came a video starring actress Deepika Padukone, named “My Choice” produced by “Vogue India” and directed by renowned Indian director “Homi Adjania”.

I would have appreciated any efforts by anyone towards promotion of Feminism in the society. But, this video didn’t do that at all! All that this video had to speak about is “Sex and Body”. Is that what Feminism is to you? These people made a video 2:35 long, which had the base of Feminism but did not speak of anything about Education or Employment. That’s bizarre!

The video clearly states “My choice. Your privilege”. Well, “you are my choice as well. And, I’m your privilege as well”. This statement was simply sexist and oppressive. To promote Feminism if you are going to understate the men, then there won’t be any change at all. Moreover, since when did relationships become more about just one of the partners involved? Both the people involved are privilege to each other!

Then, there was the statement “My choice. To have a child or not”. Well, then isn’t it the choice of the male partner as well? If you didn’t want a child at all, then probably you should have been with someone who shared similar emotions and thoughts. Before, getting involved with the him, you should have discussed if he wants a child in future? Otherwise, you are just going to be a misfit who will be shattering someone’s dream to be a father someday!

Deepika Padukone narrated that, “My choice. To have sex out of marriage or not”. First of all what does it have to do with Feminism at all? Secondly, if you have the right to have sex out of marriage then so does the man. He too shares equal right to not be called “a cheater, jerk or fraud who sleeps around with women outside of his marriage”. But, does that happen? If your husband would have done so, How would you have felt about it? Probably, we all know the answer to that question.

Also, a very irking point is that, “My choice. To be size-0 or size-15”. Well, apparently you are the one who sell Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to make women thin and attractive! Moreover if you have the choice to be thin or not, Then the guy has the choice to like a thin or fat girl as well. Then, why call him “mean or shallow” for his choice. It’s totally his choice to be attracted to a girl who is thin and has curvy body. Why is he called a shallow and shrewd person for this choice?

Moreover, Deepika Padukone, has previously starred in Item Numbers like “Dum Maaro Dum” and is the brand ambassador for “Garnier India’s Fairness Products” other than the corn flakes mentioned above. Had this video starred someone like “Saina Nehwal” or “Kangana Ranaut” then maybe the story would have been different.

Secondldeepika-padukone-vogue-magazine-india-june-2014-issue_2y, Producer, Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine which has been using nude, semi-nude and skin-revealing pictures of women for years to widen their bank accounts. So, Vogue speaking of feminism is again a bizarre irony.

So would you call this video anything about Feminism? My choice, “No WAY. NEVER”.

For me this video is far away from being about feminism. It’s just 99 Urban women paid by the Vogue to act in a Homi Adjania video which has at the end served its purpose to promote the brand with #VogueEmpower. As, this video had nothing empowering in it. Imagine the no. of Facebook like incremented on Vogue India’s Facebook Page after this Video went viral.

So, well played Vogue !!

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