Kind of an amazing irony about our holy India is that, Rapists, Burglars, Thieves, Kidnappers and endless offenders, can all enter the temples. But, any female going through her periods is banned from doing so, citing that she is impure. How do these bizarre customs still find a place in our “Modern India” is something that simply shuffle my head upside down.


Another such irony is that if a female sports a Saree, its considered moral in spite of the fact that it shows half of your back and belly. But, if she dares to sport a jeans which shows barely 2 inches of the back, it creates a blaring substance for debates and discussions on “Social and Moral righteousness of the female folks”.

Moreover, let’s face it. Being born as a female is not a crime. Right? Well, then society should also accept whatever comes along with that and support them. Right? Then, why do the female sin the society have to wrap up the sanitary pads into Black polybags at the Medical stores. What is there to hide about periods? What is so shameful about it? It’s a natural phenomenon during which that the men and rest of the society should stand by the side of the female counterparts. But, what happens is that they pass derogatory comments and make ill remarks on the lady. The households bar the ladies from entering the Kitchen or touching any kind of eatables or any Holy artifacts.

Yes, we have reached a point where we can handle an on screen kiss, but it ends there. When it comes to real life problems, we cringe more often than we have noticed. Is that the India we call “Modern”? Because if the modern India is going to have such Social obligations over the female folk, then our definition of the term “modern” is highly debatable. Its time that we begin to think about the other half of the society, our pretty ladies.

Do check out the following link for various such other ironies on the same subject : Great Indian Ironies

4 thoughts on “Stop obligating. Start supporting. A message to all men.

  1. I would want to read your take on Deepika Padukone starring video ‘my voice ‘, people’s reaction to it, followed by a good discussion.

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